Door Styles in West Jordan UT

Door styles West Jordan UT

Homeowners in West Jordan UT and the surrounding area appreciate the aesthetic appeal of Door styles, especially when paired with other window projects. While some like the bygone charm of jalousie windows, others are drawn to tilt and turn options that open from both sides and swing inward on side hinges.


Jalousie windows are windows or doors fashioned with overlapping horizontal slats that open and close to control air flow and light. Originally popular in warm climates, they were named after the French word for jealousy—it’s not clear whether this was because people outside could peer in at those residing inside, or because the opaque slats kept those indoors from being seen by those outside.

Similar to a louvered blind, they consist of parallel glass or acrylic slats that tilt open and shut in unison to control airflow, typically on a crank handle. They are a popular option for homeowners seeking a mix of retro and modern style.