Top Styles and Benefits of Casement Windows and Doors

Whether you’re looking to elevate your home’s exterior or add more light and ventilation to a specific room, there are plenty of options available. But which door style is best for you?

Designed to open inward from the top, hopper windows are ideal for spaces that require superior insulation. They’re also a popular choice for replacement windows.


Vinyl windows are among the most popular replacement window styles. They are inexpensive, energy-efficient and require less maintenance than other types of windows. They also provide good insulation and keep the heat in your home and cold air out. Our Sears specialists can install a wide range of vinyl replacement windows including double-hung windows, casement windows, bay and bow windows, sliding windows, and more. All of our replacement windows are ENERGY STAR® rated and come with a lifetime limited warranty.


If you’re looking for windows that deliver durability and strength, look no further than aluminum. This ductile metal is an excellent energy-efficient option that’s less likely to warp or crack over time. It also helps reduce utility bills by sealing tightly when closed, making it a great choice for West Jordan homeowners who are seeking to save money.

Hopper windows are another top choice, as they open inward from the bottom and provide superior insulation. They’re primarily used for aesthetic purposes and are often installed alongside operational windows to complete the look.


Fiberglass isn’t a flashy material, but it plays an important role in many products. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, and it resists corrosion, fire, and chemicals.

It can also be molded into shapes, providing a variety of benefits. It reduces weight and improves energy efficiency. It is also used in acoustic insulation applications.

Doors made from fiberglass have the look and feel of wood, but they won’t warp or swell like wood. They’re available in a range of styles, with options for decorative glass and unique hardware.


Choosing the right material for your new doors plays an important role in energy efficiency. Look for doors with high-quality insulation to prevent drafts and maintain a consistent indoor temperature throughout the year.

A jalousie, also known as a louvered window, is a window consisting of overlapping horizontal slats that can be adjusted to regulate airflow and sunlight. They’re commonly found in warm climates and are a popular option for patios, balconies, and three-season rooms.

Double Hung

The type of door you select for your home impacts its aesthetic, security, and energy efficiency. It is important to consider these factors carefully when making your decision.

For instance, a double-hung window has two sashes that move vertically and offer excellent communication between indoor and outdoor environments. They are also a great choice for spaces requiring superior insulation. Moreover, they are easy to operate and come with a lifetime warranty.



The style of doors you select can have significant impacts on security, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. It’s important to find a door that complements your home and suits your functional needs. A qualified door replacement company can help you make the best choices for your West Jordan home. They’ll also ensure that your new doors are properly installed to prevent air leaks and drafts.


Choosing the right door style for your home can enhance its aesthetic, improve security, and boost energy efficiency. The type of material, insulation, proper installation, and local climate are critical considerations when making your choice.

Wood doors are a popular choice for traditional homes, offering elegance and warmth. However, they require regular maintenance to prevent rotting and insect damage.

Modern and contemporary doors offer sleek lines and minimal designs. They are a great option for homeowners seeking a modern aesthetic, while also providing high-quality insulation.

Emergency Replacement

While doors may appear simple, they have a lot of moving parts that can break down from regular use or be subject to damage from weather or criminal activities. When this happens, the quicker you call for repairs, the more likely your windows will function normally again. For homeowners in West Jordan who are in a hurry, retrofit windows offer an excellent middle ground. These windows can be inserted into existing frames, but they can also expand or change window sizes slightly to fit new needs.