Window Contractors West Jordan UT Can Help Homeowners Select the Right Windows For Their Home Renovation Projects

Window contractors West Jordan UT can help homeowners select the right windows for their home renovation projects. They have expertise in many different types of windows and can offer expert advice on the benefits of each.

Energy-efficient windows can save homeowners money on their energy bills. They also reduce carbon emissions and filter harmful UV rays that can cause furniture, carpeting and other items to fade.


Choosing the right window type for your West Jordan home is an important step in upgrading its exterior. You’ll want to select a company that provides an extensive warranty and offers a range of styles, materials, and colors.

Vinyl windows are popular among homeowners because they require little maintenance and are energy-efficient. They are also resistant to water and weather damage. They look as good today as they did 20 years ago.

Some companies offer limited warranties that last for a specific period. This is an excellent option for West Jordan homeowners who don’t want to commit to the stipulations of a lifetime warranty.


The windows in your home serve more than just a visual purpose. They also protect your home from the elements, preventing drafts and cold air from entering and lowering energy bills. They also keep debris and animals out of your home.

Picking a window installer with the proper qualifications helps ensure that your installation is successful. Look for a company with a strong local reputation and long experience. Also, look for references from recent clients. You should also consider a limited warranty, which provides substantial coverage but doesn’t require you to commit to the stipulations of a lifetime warranty.


Fiberglass windows are a newer choice for home improvement projects. They perform well in tests of thermal performance and offer better energy efficiency than other window types. They also are strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and other potential hazards.

They require some maintenance, such as cleaning and replacement of weather stripping. Additionally, they may need to be painted about every decade or so. This can be done with 100 percent acrylic paint.

Window installation companies should also provide various warranty options for their clients. These include lifetime, limited, and transferable warranties.

Energy Star

Your home’s windows do more than let you look outside. They also help regulate indoor temperatures and lower energy bills. A window replacement company can repair or replace old, drafty, and inefficient windows to make your home more comfortable.

Choose a local provider with a track record of success and excellent customer reviews. They should offer clear project plans and transparent pricing. They should also provide transferable warranties for future homeowners.

Replacement windows are popular among West Jordan residents looking to upgrade their homes without a major renovation. These types fit into existing frames and usually require less labor than new construction windows.

AAMA Certification

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that the company you hire is qualified for window installation. Look for local companies that have AAMA certification and a BBB rating. Also, ask for customer references and check out their website to see examples of past projects.

AAMA product certification provides assurance that the windows you choose meet industry standards. This process involves independent laboratory testing and unannounced inspections of the manufacturer’s production line.

AAMA-certified windows must have no air leakage at tested design pressure, and they must be able to withstand 94 mph wind speed without breaking. They must also pass water penetration, structural strength and energy performance tests.

NFRC Rating

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) provides unbiased performance ratings that help homeowners compare products. You can use the NFRC label to identify the best windows, doors, and skylights for your home. These ratings cover a wide range of factors, including air leakage, visible transmittance, and solar heat gain coefficient.

Whether you’re planning a window repair project or replacement in West Jordan, Utah, it’s important to choose a company with the right certifications. These certifications can protect you from unscrupulous contractors and ensure that your windows are backed by a solid warranty.

BBB Rating

Choosing the right window installation company is important for maintaining your home’s value and reducing energy costs. You should look for companies with local experience that understand how to prepare homes for Utah’s climate. They should also be certified for windows that are designed to meet the high energy efficiency standards set by Energy Star.

Universal Windows Direct is known for its industry-leading warranty and a wide variety of products. Its UniShield brand windows feature low-emissivity coatings and argon gas insulation to help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.