Why Choose Double Pane Windows?

Double pane windows West Jordan UT

Your windows do more than just provide a view. They regulate the indoor temperature of your home and keep energy from escaping, which helps reduce your monthly utility bills.

Champion’s windows, sunrooms and siding meet all Energy Star manufacturing specifications and requirements. The company also offers a double lifetime installation warranty that covers products, parts and labor.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to windows, there are many different types on the market. Double pane varieties provide better insulation than single pane windows, which means lower energy bills and a more comfortable home. These windows can also be filled with noble gases, like krypton or argon, which enhance the window’s insulating properties.

The energy efficiency of a window is measured with its R-value, which indicates how resistant it is to the transfer of heat. The higher the R-value, the more efficient the window. Double pane windows have a typical R-value of 3 or 3.7, while triple pane options are even more efficient.

Window installation companies in West Jordan often offer limited warranties, which can provide substantial coverage for a set amount of time. These types of warranties can be a great choice for homeowners who want to avoid the long-term stipulations of lifetime warranties. They may also help you add value to your home by offering a transferable warranty to a new owner.


Double-pane windows are an attractive addition to any home, offering homeowners a variety of style and design options. Moreover, they are durable from weather degradation and require less maintenance than other window types. They also help reduce the risk of damage from termites, a common pest found in wood frames.

Their insulating properties significantly minimize sound transmission from outside, contributing to a quiet living space. This allows you to enjoy a relaxing environment where you can focus on work, unwind after a long day or spend time with your family without distractions.

Additionally, double pane windows prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home. This protects your furniture, flooring and artwork from fading and deterioration. As a result, they help maintain the aesthetic value of your home and improve its resale value. Unlike single-pane windows, double-pane windows can be customized with a wide range of color and finish options. Furthermore, they can be matched with other window features such as argon or krypton gas to enhance their insulating capabilities.


Double pane windows are the current industry standard and offer property owners a number of benefits such as durability, soundproofing, security, and insulation. These windows feature two glass surfaces and a space between them that can be filled with krypton, argon, or xenon noble gasses which improve the window’s insulation properties.

These gasses also help reduce the amount of heat or sunlight that enters your home, which results in lowered energy bills. Additionally, double-pane windows can filter out noise far better than single-pane options, so you can wind down for bed without hearing the whoosh and horns of passing traffic.

Many window installation companies offer warranties that cover the product and its parts as well as workmanship. We factored in these types of warranties into our overall rankings since they offer peace of mind to homeowners and help protect them from the unforeseen issues that may arise during their window replacement project. A lifetime warranty is a good indication of the quality and durability of a company’s windows.


Choosing the right home windows is essential to your West Jordan, Utah, home’s functionality and aesthetics. A reputable window company should provide a wide selection of styles and materials, and their products should meet the industry’s highest standards. Look for the Energy Star label to ensure that your windows will save you money and reduce carbon emissions.

Failed window seals and glass panes not only affect your home’s appearance, but they also reduce its energy efficiency. Look for a window repair or replacement company that provides a warranty and has a good reputation on customer review websites.

If you prefer a style that allows for more ventilation, consider the European staple of tilt and turn windows. These allow you to open and close them from the top or side, letting fresh air in while keeping the elements out. They are ideal for basements, bathrooms, and other areas that require superior insulation. They can even be used as a substitute for hopper windows in a historic home.