Window Styles – How to Choose the Right Ones For Your Home

Window styles West Jordan UT

Whether you are looking to upgrade your home’s curb appeal or protect it from inclement weather, windows are an essential part of any home improvement project. But how do you choose the right ones for your needs?

Window styles West Jordan UT are available in numerous configurations, each offering different features. Some are even energy efficient.

Double Hung

The windows of your home play a significant role in keeping heat and air inside while providing light and ventilation. They also protect your home from inclement weather and pests. If your window styles are outdated or worn out, you can upgrade them with new replacements that will help improve your home’s curb appeal and value.

Unlike single-hung windows, double-hung windows can be opened and closed from either the top or the bottom. This allows you to create a flow of air while making cleaning easier. They can also be a great choice for homeowners looking for energy efficiency as they seal tightly when closed, reducing drafts and energy bills.

Another option for window installation is the casement style. These windows feature hinges on the side that open outward and are a good choice for homeowners looking for ventilation. They offer a modern look and come in a wide range of colors to match any style of home. Many of these windows are ENERGY STAR® rated, making them an excellent choice for West Jordan homes.


In addition to adding a sleek aesthetic, casement windows are also known for their energy efficiency. Their wide openings encourage the flow of air during warm summers, and their tight seal during cold winters. They are often used as a replacement for older basement windows or for new construction projects that require superior insulation.

Awning windows open from the top on hinges and allow for easy ventilation in rooms such as basements or bathrooms. They are a popular choice among homeowners in West Jordan who want to increase ventilation while maintaining an attractive appearance. They can be paired with larger stationary windows to boost overall home insulation.

When looking for a window installation or replacement company, it is important to choose one that is certified by reputable organizations such as AAMA and Energy Star. These certifications ensure that the quality of your windows is consistent with industry standards. They are also a good indicator of the level of professionalism and reliability you can expect from your installer.


Aside from adding aesthetic value to your West Jordan home, new windows also contribute to a quieter and more peaceful indoor space. They seal tightly and prevent drafts and air leaks, which in turn reduce your energy bills. Moreover, they come with advanced locking mechanisms and stronger frames that ensure your home’s safety against intruders.

Regardless of your window style choice, choose a provider that offers a lifetime warranty. This covers the cost of labor, material defects and even incidental damages. Such a warranty is essential to your peace of mind and ensures that you’ll get the most out of your investment.

Choose a provider that uses high-quality materials, has extensive experience and is licensed and insured. In addition, look for a provider that offers Energy Star certification for its products and practices. This will help you save money and protect the environment. You should also ask for a list of past customers to check the provider’s reputation.


When it comes to window installation, West Jordan homeowners are constantly searching for innovative solutions. From specialized design options to more durable materials, the landscape of this type of project is vast. As a result, homeowners often find themselves confused when choosing the best window types for their needs.

For those looking for a blend of retro and modern design, our team often recommends jalousie windows. Comprising parallel slats that open and close like blinds, this window style is ideal for those seeking versatility and superior insulation.

Achieving a high level of energy efficiency is a common goal for many West Jordan homeowners, so it’s important to choose a window type that’s certified by the Energy Star label. This certification indicates that your window meets stringent standards for energy efficiency and can help reduce your electricity bills. Additionally, you should always opt for a company that offers a lifetime warranty on their products. This can give you peace of mind that your investment is secure and will be worth the money in the long run.