Choosing Residential Windows in West Jordan UT

When choosing window installation, it’s important to find a local company with a good reputation. This is because local installers are more familiar with the area’s climate and can help you make the best choice for your home.

Look for companies with a wide selection of products and comprehensive warranty coverage. Many of these companies also offer limited warranties that are transferable in case you sell your home.


Windows play a significant role in your home’s energy efficiency, and upgrading them can save you money on utility bills. But which window type should you choose? A good window installation company will help you find the right type of windows for your home based on aesthetic preferences, energy efficiency objectives, and local climate considerations.

Aluminum windows are a great option for homeowners who want sleek, modern designs. They’re strong and durable, and they don’t require much maintenance. However, they may not be as energy-efficient as vinyl or wood windows.

If you’re looking for a more traditional look, consider wood windows. These provide a warm, natural look that’s difficult to replicate with other materials. They also require regular maintenance to prevent rot and decay.


Aside from aesthetics, the window style you choose plays a significant role in your home’s overall energy efficiency and resale value. For example, hopper windows open inward from the top and create a tight seal, making them a great choice for basements or bathrooms. They also insulate well against noise.

Fiberglass is a popular window material due to its strength and durability. It is also temperature stable and does not sag or flex, which reduces the chance of leaks around window frames and sashes. It is available in a variety of colors and styles, although it does not offer as many color choices as vinyl or wood.

Choosing a company that is certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) ensures that your new windows will meet high quality standards. This certification will also help you save money on energy bills and improve your home’s security.

Energy Star

When considering new windows for your home, be sure to check out their Energy Star rating. These windows meet strict criteria for energy efficiency, and they can save homeowners significant amounts of money in yearly energy costs. They also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

When choosing ENERGY STAR windows, look for the label on their packaging or website. The label displays the product’s NFRC test results and indicates the climate zone where it performs best.

Window installation companies often carry a variety of energy efficient windows. They are also required to provide detailed installation instructions for the products they sell. These instructions should be followed closely to ensure warranty coverage. ENERGY STAR windows can save homeowners substantial energy bills and carbon footprints. They also improve indoor comfort and make a home more appealing.


AAMA windows are a great option for West Jordan homeowners looking to improve the look and feel of their home without doing a major renovation. They are available in a range of styles and colors and feature high energy-efficiency ratings. They also require less maintenance compared to other window types.

Wood windows provide a traditional, natural look for any space. However, they require regular maintenance to prevent rot and insect damage. They are also more expensive than other types of windows.

Window installation companies should be certified by various organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB rating helps homeowners determine whether a window company is legitimate and reputable. It also provides a sense of the company’s reputation and customer service. Moreover, AAMA certifications help homeowners understand the quality of the product they’re purchasing.

Peach Building Products

The company has a wide range of windows that are available in a variety of styles. It also offers custom doors, sunrooms, and patio enclosures. Its customers have rated the company highly for its excellent customer service and affordable pricing.

Buying high-grade, energy-efficient windows will increase the durability of your home and save you money in the long run. Make sure that your window purchase includes an Energy Star label, which indicates that it complies with the National Fenestration Rating Council’s efficiency requirements.

You can also save money by purchasing windows in bulk. Many window retailers bump their rates yearly, and buying multiple windows at one time can prevent these increases. Also, consider a limited warranty. This type of warranty can add value to your home when you eventually sell it.